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Rua da Baldieira nº 254 - Vilar de Ferreiros - 4880-302 - Mondim de Basto

The main wealth of Mondim Basto municipality is their natural heritage, a sum of unusual sites of interest for tourism.
County marked by two quite distinct zones, one river, the valley of the Tamega and other typical mountain, unfolds in constant paradisiacal places and road panoramic contemplation, torn by a living tissue rivers and streams to dazzle the visitor.

Suggestions of routes that we present include the two distinct areas of our county.

The first proposal covers the waterfront of Minho influence predominantly green, the vineyard of hanged, the corn fields, the sun and the granaries of Atei parish; the historic center, the route of the chapels, houses of Brazilian makes travel and traditional gardens of camellias Mondim.

The second proposal evolves in altitude to reveal the charms and mysteries of Alvão, the Marão and mountain villages seeded the clouds, the impressive falls of Fisgas of Ermelo and traditional cuisine which highlights the homemade sausages and tasty meat of our Maroones cattle.

Two proposals for two days and two nights. There inviting terraces for a late summer afternoon or a fireplace that lights to dress warmly in winter.

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