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Mount flour rises to an altitude of about a thousand meters, boasting atop the venerated shrine of Our Lady of Grace. Magical and captivating place full of history and archaeological remains, legends and traditions. prime location for nature lovers and sport flagship reference is mandatory destination of the paths of faith, religion and national and international tourism.

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 Opening hours of the Sanctuary

Open daily.
In the summer from 8 am until the end of the day
in winter from 9 am until the end of the day
Sunday Masses from May to October at 16h

 More information

Tel. 255 381404
The hermit oversees the entire sanctuary. If the chapel is closed the key piece in your home.


The Sanctuary is distant 13 km from the center of Mondim de Basto village.
Access to the Sanctuary is made by the 312 national highway that connects the Mondim Cerva and deviation Pena Ribeira right to climb the hill. The road, recently benefited from restoration work is large, has good asphalt floor and is flanked by rails protection.
For hiking lovers, there is the ancient footpath which is still covered by pilgrims and by pilgrims and which is clearly marked. Ask route booklet the Store Interactive Tourism Mondim de Basto.

 Parallel to the main entrance, lovers of bikes, jeeps and adventure trails, trails and dirt roads are dirt that give access to dazzle sites.

Trucking companies only assure transport of passengers in the days of the festivities.

N 41 ° 24 '59.248'
W 7 ° 54 '57.337'

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