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The Fisgas of Ermelo are the most emblematic site of the protected area of ​​the Alvão Natural Park.

 They are one of the largest waterfalls in Europe with a vertical drop of 400 meters, based on quartzite rocks with approximately 480 million years. It was the fracturing of these hard rocks that allowed them Olo River has been "enfisgado", giving rise to the popular name by which is known the most beautiful waterfall on the Portuguese mainland.

 It is a place that has a high scientific, educational and asset value associated with a remarkable tourist potential, on the slope Nature Tourism. The presence of fossils makes these rocks left by marine organisms extinct, can also be seen as a kind of "illustration" of distant times, when life existed only in the sea, compared with the exceptional biodiversity currently known in this protected area.

 The singular and wild beauty of the Fisgas Ermelo attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, who come here with all the senses awake and the desire and the promise to return many times. Either upstream or downstream from the falls, you can find natural lakes of pure and crystalline waters, called "piocas" that invite refreshing baths.

 In 2016 it was inaugurated the pedestrian PR3 Fisgas Ermelo path that has provided a closer and more detailed view of the main natural values ​​from Alvão Park. Besides offering unusual views of waterfalls and surprise encounters with a wealth of fauna and flora, it allows also to those who want it, the crossing of mountain villages in the discovery of the "modus vivendi" of local populations.

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