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Just over a quarter of hour from the center of Mondim de Basto, Alvão Natural Park takes increasingly a decisive role in tourism of the county, the diversity of environmental and cultural wealth associated with it. It is undoubtedly the greatest motivation of all tourists who visit us, in a very special way of foreign tourists.

Visit the Natural Park of Alvão and protect it

- Vila Real IP4 (Champion) / PN Alvão (Ermelo Bridge) EN304 - 17km
- Mondim de Basto / PN Alvão (Ermelo Bridge) EN304 towards Vila Real - 15 km
- Vila Real (Lordelo) / PN Alvão (Lamas olo) - 7 km
- Ermelo Bridge - Viewpoint - 4 km

There is a delegation Park in Mondim de Basto
- information Center and PNA Interpretation
Barrio Place
Tel 255 381 209.

Spatial characterization
"The protected area is located north of Portugal, in the province of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro, in the Vila Real district. With a total area of 7220 ha, the Alvão Natural Park covers a part of municipalities Vila Real (4361 h) with a portion of villages Vila Marim (Place Arnal) and Borbela (Place Grass) , and the entire neighborhood Olo sludge (Olo sludge place and Dornelas) and Mondim of thick (2859 h) with a significant part of the neighborhood Ermelo (Ermelo place, Fervença, Varzigueto, Barreiro and Assureira) and a small margin of Bilhó neighborhood (Anta and villages Pioledo). " - Natural Park of Alvão.

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