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The Fisgas of Ermelo are the most emblematic site of the protected area of ​​the Alvão Natural Park.

 They are one of the largest waterfalls in Europe with a vertical drop of 400 meters, based on quartzite rocks with approximately 480 million years. It was the fracturing of these hard rocks that allowed them Olo River has been "enfisgado", giving rise to the popular name by which is known the most beautiful waterfall on the Portuguese mainland.

The main wealth of Mondim Basto municipality is their natural heritage, a sum of unusual sites of interest for tourism.
County marked by two quite distinct zones, one river, the valley of the Tamega and other typical mountain, unfolds in constant paradisiacal places and road panoramic contemplation, torn by a living tissue rivers and streams to dazzle the visitor.

Suggestions of routes that we present include the two distinct areas of our county.

Just over a quarter of hour from the center of Mondim de Basto, Alvão Natural Park takes increasingly a decisive role in tourism of the county, the diversity of environmental and cultural wealth associated with it. It is undoubtedly the greatest motivation of all tourists who visit us, in a very special way of foreign tourists.

Mount flour rises to an altitude of about a thousand meters, boasting atop the venerated shrine of Our Lady of Grace. Magical and captivating place full of history and archaeological remains, legends and traditions. prime location for nature lovers and sport flagship reference is mandatory destination of the paths of faith, religion and national and international tourism.